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Bio Benifuuki Catechinpowder+ 30g

Bio Benifuuki Pulver Catechin+

Short Description

The organic Catechinpowder+ is a ground of green tea Camellia Assamica hybrid called Benifuuki, which has a uniquely high content of a special form of epigallo-catechin gallate (EGCG 3), which is said to extraordinary effects. This tea specialty is extremely rare and precious and comes from the Japanese prefecture Myiazaki.


The Benifuuki green tea powder can be used as in the traditional tea ceremony with bamboo whisk and Matcha as well as an ingredient for hot and cold beverages of all kinds (milkshakes, smoothies, fruit juices, etc.) or for cooking and baking. One to two grams are perfectly adequate to give the typical green tea flavor to the preparation.


Green tea itself is known for its ingredients for thousands of years for its advantages with respect to well-being, energizing and health care. But the grinding is achieved by a further, significant increase in positive attributes, as opposed to 30% active ingredient content in brewed tea you get 100% of the active ingredients in Benifuuki Catechinpowder +. In addition, numerous studies point to the positive effects of the catechins contained in Benifuuki concerning allergies.


30g organic Benifuuki green tea powder

Packed in resealable aluminium bags

Provides 15 to 30 preparations

Dosage: 1g to 2g per preparation

Shelf life: 12 months

Suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans, gluten-free

Note: After opening, store cool, dry and protected from sunlight, do not use boiling water