CooBobas und CooBolinos

CooBobas (popping bobas)

ZEEKEI presents innovative Bubbles from European production


ZEEKEI GmbH has responded to the negative news about the Bubbles from Asia with its own range of Bubbles "Made in Europe". The company introduced the first bottled bubble tea “COOBO” into the market last year.


Outstanding at the two new products "CooBobas" (fruit beads with liquid core) and "CooBolinos" (starch pellets with fruit flavor) is the focus on absolute food safety. They are produced under the highest Food Safety Standards with European high quality raw materials in Europe. The dyes used are natural and need no further declaration. All ingredients and production-steps are certified.

 tl_files/Layout/Bubbles/JellyBalls 2.pngCooBolinos  (starch pellets with fruit flavor)

In addition to the standard varieties such as strawberry, mango, orange, etc., the bubbles will be produced according to the customers requirements in nearly all tastes and in all colors "Tailor-Made". The size of the bubbles is freely selectable in the technically feasible range.


That way, customers will not only have absolute certainty about the ingredients and the manufacturing process, but are also flexible in terms of delivery times, product variety and minimum order quantities compared to the products of Asian origin.


Another plus is the innovative expertise in product development. Not only sticky-sweet bubbles were produced, but variations with differentiated degree of sweetness or fruit content as well as Bubbles with "Function" as taurine, caffeine and vitamins or even cooling effect.


International F&B exhibitions like the Internorga in Hamburg/Germany or IFE in London showed, that the possibilities of the bubbles have extended far beyond the Bubbletea area. Meanwhile, the delicious fruit balls are just used as a topping for slush ice and frozen yoghurt and as an ingredient for drinks and cocktails. Recently, two new yogurt products have been presented with "Popping Bobas" in the refrigerated shelves of discount stores.


Besides alcoholic bubbles, more and more products for the refinement of fine food in the kitchen are being requested. Whether sour, spicy or salty, the imagination of bubbles seems to have no limits.