ZEEKEI Company – The No.1 Innovator of Floating Beverages

The ZEEKEI Company was the first producer of a bottled bubble tea in 2012. There is not a single imitation product worldwide until now.

Since the first bottling of COOBO Bottled Bubble Tea, the winner of the innovation award in 2013, we are pioneering an entirely new generation of drinks. Never before was fun and function combined with liquids and solids.

To complete the range of floating beverages, we presented our brand new Coconut Drink with Nata de Coco pieces as well as the Original Aloe Vera Drink with real Aloe pieces in Hamburg at the Internorga Show on March 2013.

COOBO Bubble Tea, COCO Drink and ALOE VERA Drink are proprietary developments of ZEEKEI Company and have the following incomparable advantages to:


Bottling Innovation

The first successful bottling of a Bubble Tea in a bottle was realized with COOBO. The COCO DRINK and the ALOE VERA DRINK are demonstrating again our unique technology to bottle pieces with liquids together.


Zero Gravity

The biotechnological innovation of floating fruit bubbles, coconut cubes and aloe vera pieces give the products a visual USP. The permanent flotation of the solids is a patented production process.


Cold Aseptic Filling

The cold aseptic filling and pasteurization emphasizes the high standard of these premium products. No preservatives are needed, no cooling chain is necessary.

Food Safety

We take care for the highest quality by using European raw materials. Even our bubbles are made in Europe. Our filling line follows the HACCP directives and is also certified on ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and International Food Standard (IFS).


Consumer’s Safety

The COOBO-Bubbles are from European origin with certificates, which confirm the safety in terms of swallowing, colorants and ingredients. The diameter of about 5mm excludes accidental aspiration.

The water-extracted Rooibos tea can improve your general wellbeing, the vitamins cover the daily requirement partly. Natural coconut and aloe vera is well known as health food or super food.


World's first bubble tea in bottle

Innovative beverages with permanently floating solids

Fruit Bubbles:

• World's first floating Bubbles
• without worrying dyes
• barely swallowing (aspiration)

Real Rooibos tea, gently extracted with pure water
Pasteurized, no preservatives
Cold Aseptic filling provides a crunchy consistency of the solids
Made in Europe


Recommended Retail Price of ZEEKEI Beverages
Recommended retail price:   €2.50/500ml-PET bottle.

HORECA retail price:            €3.00/500ml-PET bottle.

Delivery and payment terms
• 500ml-PET bottles of COOBO Bubble Tea, COCO DRINK and ALOE VERA DRINK
• Minimum Order Quantity: one (1) Euro pallet
• Euro pallet = 1296 bottles, 725 kg
• Euro pallet = 216 trays, 6 bottles each, shrink-wrapped, 6 layers with 36 trays each
• 20” Container = 35 640 bottles hand stacked

• 20” Container = 15 container-pallets a 1296 bottles (total 19440 bottles)

• 40” Container = 47 952 bottles hand stacked

• 40” Container = 30 container-pallets a 1296 bottles (total 38 880 bottles)



COOBO Strawberry/Kiwi - Product description and ingredients
Product name: Soft drink with strawberry and kiwi flavor, Rooibos tea extract, sugar, and strawberry bubbles.
Ingredients: water, sugar, acidifier: citric acid; flavouring, acidity regulators: sodium citrates, calcium lactate; coloring fruit- and plant-extracts (carrot, pomegranate); rooibos extract (0,12%), thickeners: gellan gum, xanthan gum, calcium lactate, glucose-fructose syrup.
Strawberry Bubbles: water, sugar, strawberry puree from concentrate (4.8%), modified starch (from maize), acidity regulator: calcium lactate, acidifier: malic acid;  thickeners: sodium alginate; flavouring, preservative: potassium sorbate; colouring: natural carmine.
Shelf Life: nine months from production, no need for cooling chain.

COCO DRINK - Product description and ingredients

Product name: Non-alcoholic drink from fruit juice with coconut pieces, with sugar and steviol glycosides.

Ingredients: spring water, sugar, grape juice with grape juice concentrate, pieces of coconut, flavor, citric acid, sodium citrate, calcium lactate, xanthan gum, gellan gum, glucose-fructose-syrup, steviol-glycoside.

Shelf Life: nine months from production, no need for cooling chain.

ALOE VERA DRINK - Product description and ingredients

Product name: Non-alcoholic drink with Aloe Vera and with Aloe Vera crushes, with sugars and sweetener.

Ingredients: spring water, extract Aloe Vera, glucose, sugar, Aloe Vera, citric acid, sodium citrate, calcium lactate, gellan gum, xanthan gum, flavor, sucralose.

Shelf Life: nine months from production, no need for cooling chain.
Where you can find us in the worldwide web
Manufacturer website:           "www.zeekei.de"

COOBO product page:          "www.coobo.eu"
COOBO fan community:     
www.facebook.com / CooboDrink


Innovation Award winning COOBO Bottled Bubble Tea

at the IFE show in London 2013