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I-Can Energydrink-Can

I-Can Energydrink-Dose

Energy Drinks as a marketing tool was the beginning of Zeekei. The label is used as a message, a business card, and an invitation or as an acknowledgement.

From 200 cans up to millions of cans we provide Energy Drinks as well as Functional Drinks on your demand? Your personal I-Can with an individual flavour is realisable with a minimum order of 12.000 cans. The Zeekei’s “I-Can”-project is a simple platform to order personalised beverages.


I-Can Energydrink-Can with private labeling, the taste is similar to the market leader in this segment (jellybeans).

€299,00 for 96 Cans with a content of 0,25l (€3,12/can) incl. VAT plus shipping

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